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Cure Premature Ejaculation – 3 Tips That Will Transform Your Sex Life!

Cure Premature EjaculationCure Premature Ejaculation – 3 Tips That Will Transform Your Sex Life!

Did you know that as many as 40% of men out there are suffering from premature ejaculation? And by that, we mean the guy don’t last long enough to bring his female partner to an orgasm first. There are plenty of reasons why a man ejaculates too early during sex. A lot of it has to do with mental control. True, there is probably just about every PE cure out there imaginable, but are they really useful? Truth is, most of the “cures” will not permanently help you Cure Premature Ejaculation. But if you want to prolong your sex sessions, then the following 3 easy tips will certainly come in handy to boost your sex life. Let’s take a quick look below!

Cure Premature Ejaculation Tips

#1 – Get it off before the show starts

This is an extremely useful tactic to Cure Premature Ejaculation. Many guys swear by it. This is what you do: Masturbate an hour or two before you are going to have sex. This will “clear your system”, release the sexual tension in you and desensitizes your body to the point that you have to work harder to reach the same sexual peak during your lovemaking.

#2 – Desensitizing creams and sprays

This can give you a quick-fix, especially when you have a hot date coming up and you don’t want to disappoint. Desensitizing creams such as Stud 100 are effective in numbing your sexual sensations and help you last longer. But do note that numbing your arousal can take away part of the pleasure that is sex. So this is not a long term Cure Premature Ejaculation cure and some guys find this an embarrassing solution to use in front of their partners!

#3 – Natural conditioning

A natural training and conditioning program is the best long term way to Cure Premature Ejaculation problems. This addresses the underlying physical and psychological triggers of your early ejaculation tendencies and allows you to develop superiors control over such triggers. Such natural approach is not a quick fix, but most guys can experience improvement in their ejaculatory reflexes within 2 to 3 days. This is the best way to permanently end your premature ejaculation problem.

Like all things worth doing, the best solution always takes some time and effort. But think about it. Your want to last longer in bed, not just tonight, or tomorrow night, but forever, don’t you? Then it is certainly worth every minute of your time to naturally “program” your mind and body to last longer and give your romantic partner the pleasure she deserves… and get the kind of amazing sex you’ve been yearning for!

Cure Premature Ejaculation

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Incredible Blow Job Techniques – Give Your Guy One Tonight

Blow Job TechniquesIncredible Blow Job Techniques

Beyond any shadow of doubt it is understood that using different Blow Job Techniques is among the favorite requests of guys. By using different Blow Job Techniques you will reach into a relationship arena that is hardly explored by the average girlfriend and pleasing your guy takes on a whole new and wonderful outlook for your future together.

It is so unfortunate that the average girl does not have a clue that there is much more to giving a mind blowing blow job than just sucking and licking. Really good blowjobs are made up of much much more that that.Girls should take the time to learn how to give excellent blow jobs. Ones that their man will never forget.

Blow Job Techniques

Licking and sucking

The use of your tongue and sucking are major components of giving a blow job. Using your tongue over the shaft and head will increase the pleasure as it stimulates his entire penis.But again there is more than just licking and sucking to make it more satisfying. Using different suction techniques can make or break the experience for a guy.

Eye Contact

Gazing into your guys eyes while giving him a blowjob is an excellent Blow Job Techniques. Like it or not, guys are visual creatures and there is nothing hotter than to look down at his girl and see her looking back at him with a look of desire in her eyes.Seeing a look on your face that he senses is one that you want  to please him and you are his for the asking is one of the best turn ons for a guy.

Hands On

Understanding the use of hands can take a blow job to an absolute new level for many guys. Girls often forget that there are other parts of a guys anatomy when giving blow jobs. Using your hands to stimulate his testicles or rub his inner groin while you do your mouth magic will bring the level of stimulation to  its heights for your guy.Getting a good guide on Blow Job Techniques will enhance your understanding of what other guys say feels good to them. This will allow you to experiment with your guy and bring your sex life with him to another level.The proper use of your hands can intensify his experience greatly.

Guide To Blow Job Techniques

As I mentioned previously, getting a good guide on Blow Job Techniques can take your guys experience to another level and you will be forever the best thing that has ever happened for him.

Blow Job Techniques – Starting With Good Foreplay

Blow Job TechniquesBlow Job Techniques

As far as blow jobs go there are several Blow Job Techniques that can be considered as foreplay, all stemming from the way you look to how you use your mouth. There are many Blow Job Techniques and getting yourself a good blow job guide will give you all of the tricks and tips you need to take your guy to an extreme orgasm that he will never forget.

Blow Job Techniques-The first step

Getting your mouth ready: When giving your guy a blow job it is very important to have a wet mouth. If your mouth is too dry not only will your guy not enjoy it but your jaw will tire fast and you will be uncomfortable.Start by drinking a little juice so that your mouth can salivate adequately and become wet. This will ensure that your mouth stays wet while giving your guy a blow job.

Getting yourself ready: A lot of girls feel that if they are good with their mouth techniques that they can be dressed in anything and that would not have an impact on a good blow job; this could not be further from the truth in actuality. Girls need to understand that a great blow job is about a complete package not just about your mouth and what you can do with it on your guys penis. Men are visual creatures and the way you dress is part of a great blow job experience for them.

More Blow Job Techniques

Remember that your attitude is paramount – Everything else comes in later, so be sure to turn yourself into a visual treat for your guy. Dressing up sexy, hot and even slutty can make all of the difference. Your assets should stand out on purpose.For instance, if your breasts are small you may want to get a push up bra, accenting them with lace thongs and cotton panties.Remember this is not about comfort as much as it is about getting your guy hot and hard for you. Put on some bright red lipstick because it is incredibly sexy for a guy to see his shaft being swallowed by bright red lips.

Getting and keeping him hard: Not all guys can get it up anywhere and at anytime. There are others who are perpetually aroused and hard at the drop of a hat, but mostly you will need to give your man a little bit of stimulation to get him aroused. Start slow with a kiss on his lips and trace your mouth down his neck and chest. You could also give him a taste of things to come by suggestively licking and sucking on his fingers, letting him know that this is how you intend to treat his penis.

Another approach is to rub him through his trousers. Look into his eyes, smile and show him that you want him in your mouth really bad, while you are kissing and rubbing on him. Massage his testicles gently to stimulate him even more. Another very sensitive spot is on the underside of the shaft right above his testicles, pressing this spot with two fingers is very sensitive and you will watch your guy moan in delight when you do this. Experiment with various blow job techniques and in time you will figure out what gets him hard fast and will soon be giving mind blowing blow jobs that he will never forget.

Find out about more Blow Job Techniques by getting a guide for giving blowjobs.

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