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Do Women Like To Give Blow Jobs-7 Tips On Giving An Amazing Blow Job

Do Women Like To Give Blow JobsDo Women Like To Give Blow Jobs Enjoying It For Real

First of all, Do Women Like To Give Blow Jobs ? If you act like giving a blow job is a chore or if it is something that you are not putting forth a good effort at,those feelings will transfer to your guy and he will tell immediately how you feel about it. If the guy thinks you don’t really want to give him a blow job, he’s not going to enjoy it much, and it will take longer for him to climax if he senses that from you. Secondly, a guy can sense fake enthusiasm in a minute. This might be ok for porn stars and actors but probably not ok to view someone they truly care about in that light.

Do Women Like To Give Blow Jobs-Making Him Ask For It

Guys hate to ask for a blow job because they feel like they’re forcing you to do something that you really don’t want to do for them. Being spontaneous and surprising him because you want to please him is the best approach.

A Great Blow Job Is As Much Mental As It Is Physical

Mastering the mental part of a blow job is more difficult for some girls than the actual physical part of it. Learn some dirty phrases that turn him on. Learn when to tease before you please by paying attention to his body language. Try telling him what you’re about to do and then let him watch you do it with enthusiasm.

Mastering the Physical Techniques

You don’t want to just your guys shaft in your mouth and start sucking. There’s much more to giving a mind blowing blow job than that. Learning what to do with your hands, how to suck, what rhythm to use, the exact spots that are best to stimulate (not just the penis itself), what to do with your teeth, etc. are all part of answering the question Do Women Like To Give Blow Jobs. Once you learn what he likes best, you will be more sure of yourself and start to view it in a different way.

Make Eye Contact With Your Guy

It has been said that “The eyes are the windows to the soul.” You can communicate a whole lot about what you’re feeling non-verbally to your guy just with your eyes.

Encourage Him Watch You

Guys are visual creatures and they definitely enjoy watching. Make sure you are in a position where he can see you as you are being enthusiastic about giving him a blowjob.

Do Women Like To Give Blow Jobs-Becoming Confident

When it comes to giving a blow job, most men don’t like a girl to be too timid about it. You must exude confidence, and he will be more relaxed and will enjoy the blow job much more.To answer the question Do Women Like To Give Blow Jobs? more fully you may need a guide for giving mind blowing blowjobs.

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