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Best Way To Eat A Girl Out-Top 10 Ways to Give a Woman an Orgasm

Best Way To Eat A Girl OutBest Way To Eat A Girl Out

Top 10

We all want to give our women orgasms when we have sex, and you may learn some other methods that do just that by reading the Best Way To Eat A Girl Out top 10.

It’s true and the facts back that over 80% of women say that just being penetrated does not give them orgasms. What does make women scream with pleasure is being ate out.

Eating a girl out is not as simple as licking a womans vigina and thinking that somehow she will magically reach an orgasm. This is far from the truth and in fact knowing the Best Way To Eat A Girl Out is a skill that when perfected will take your girl to a new level of love for you.

Here are 10 How To Eat Girls Out tips to give her the best most intense orgasms she will ever have.

Best Way To Eat A Girl Out Top 10 Things To Remember

1. Get her warmed up.Just like those old camping stoves, there would be no fire if you didn’t prime it first. So when it comes to the Best Way To Eat A Girl Out, you do this by making her feel good about herself and her body.Help make her feel sexy by letting her catch you looking up and down her body and then say something like “You look so hot I could eat you all night long.I just can’t take my eyes of of your body”.

2. Bathe her and massage her body.Eating out girls is not just a matter if licking a womans vigina. You must plan ahead and be deliberate in the next step you are going to proceed with. Bathing her and giving her a massage not only relaxes her and makes her feel loved by you it also helps her to feel clean for you and more approachable to the idea of being ate out.

3. Setting the mood for sex.This shouldn’t be to difficult if you have followed what has been suggested so far. Try slipping in an adult movie that’s centered around eating out girls and suggest how great her body loooks to you and how much it would turn you on to do that to her.

4. Girls love a bit of foreplay.Getting to the point of eating a girl out can be hard work sometimes. It is different for all girls. I suggest to start by kissing and nibbling on her neck, then bypass her vagina and kiss all the way down to her feet. Build up some anticipation in her by teasing and purposely ignoring her sexually sensitive parts at first.

5. Have a shaved face.Ask any girl and she will tell you that this is the Best Way To Eat A Girl Out because whiskers hurt after they have rubbed a girl raw.

6. Be watch full for her cues.Are you sure that you have got her in the mood and she has given you cues that she is ready to be eaten out. Is she relaxed? Does she feel sexy and HOT? Have you teased her to the point where she can’t take it no more and is almost asking you to eat her out verbally?

7. Using your tongue.Start exploring her with your tongue, as gentle as you can without tickling. Be deliberate and slow about it. Being gentle is the golden rule to keep in mind here. Watch and listen for her cues and you will know when the time is right to intensify things.

8. Understand her sensitive parts.Men are under the illusion that eating a girl out is just about stimulating the clitoris, and this is not the case. Take your time and understand her body signals. Don’t go right after her clitoris! Pay attention and you will know when the time is right to go there.

9. Time to stimulate her clitoris.Once you have her writhing around and signaling that it’s time to move up to her clitoris, this is when you had better know your girl. This makes it or breaks it. Go to soft and it will tickle her, but go to hard and it will hurt her. Get the balance right and she will be screaming out loud as she heads towards orgasm.

10. Show appreciation.After she has climaxed, lift up your head and look at her faced filled with absolute pleasure. Tell her how priceless her look of satisfaction is to you and how much you enjoy eating her out. Once she fully understands how much it turns you on to see her orgasm she will be more at ease and maybe even initiate it herself the next time.

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Hope those tips help out and for more advanced cunnilingus tips I recommend getting hold of a Best Way To Eat A Girl Out guide which will turn you into an expert at making any woman orgasm when you are doing the favor.

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