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How To Eat Girls Out Diagram: Give Her A Mind Blowing Orgasm Now

How To Eat Girls Out DiagramHow To Eat Girls Out Diagram

This How To Eat Girls Out Diagram should help you discover some areas of a girls vagina that you may not know about. Since oral stimulation has become part of most couple’s bedroom activities now it is very important to understand the entire pleasure points of your girl. Ask most girls whether their partner eats them out or not and most will say ‘yes’ because we all know that knowing how to eat a girl out is one of the most surefire ways to give her an orgasm and yet many girls still have never had an orgasm by allowing this. What is going on with that?

How To Eat Girls Out Diagram Helps

The simple answer is that many guys think that they know how to eat a girl out but in reality they do not. As a rule, there are 3 things that most guys get wrong: the wrong place, the wrong duration and the wrong techniques are the usual culprits.

The Wrong Place For Eating A Girl Out

Okay, so most guys can find the clitoris but the problem is that they don’t know how to stimulate it correctly. Many women like direct touching to the clitoris, but it can be too intense for some. Therefore many guys are having better results by licking around the clitoris but are still stumbling at doing it right. One technique involves licking the sides and top of this erogenous zone without directly licking¬† it. For some women this is far better for them to reach orgasm.

The Wrong Duration

For many guys it can be easy said that they do not eat out girls often enough. If you find that your girl has barely started panting and you have to stop, then you are definitely eating girls out wrong. For a lot of guys who do not eat out girls often eating girls out can be uncomfortable. Most of these guys may find that eating girls out upside down or even from the side is a much more comfortable position for them.

Using a pillow is also important. There are many professionally made pillows and head supports, but a simple pillow does the trick. Use it to support your head to get the right angle for eating a girl out. It can also be used to elevate her hips and give you better access to her clitoris and G-spot. The pillow is your best friend when it comes to  eating girls out.

Wrong Technique

There isn’t just one technique, there are many techniques that can be used to give mind blowing orgasms when eating a girl out. For instance you can use just the tip or the entire length of your tongue. Naturally different parts will feel different to your girl, so you can enjoy experimenting and finding out the ones that make her feel good and give her the stimulation she responds best to.

Experiment with different speeds and pressures. During the course of eating a girl out you will discover that she may want different things at different points or she will prefer different touches at different times. The guy who wants to be really good at eating out girls should learn to watch for her body language as this never lies.

How To Eat Girls Out Diagram and Techniques

Understanding how to eat out girls the right way can take a bit of practice, but it is well worth it and is almost guaranteed to give her more explosive orgasms if done correctly. View this How To Eat Girls Out Diagram and get a good guide to help you become a master at eating out girls.

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